In 2006, the IREE program funded 115 proposals from 82 U.S higher education institutions. Researchers and their faculty attended and presented their trip report at a 3-day conference held at Purdue University in November 2007. The first grantees conference was attended by 170 people, including 47 faculty members, 113 graduate students, 6 undergraduate students, and 6 NSF staff members. The 2007 IREE Grantees Conference was to provide a venue and facilitated opportunity for the IREE awardees, both students and faculty, to share experiences and what they gained from their time abroad under IREE.

There are a set of 18 impacts of IREE that are categorized in three areas: Technical, professional, global/ trans-cultural. Based on these impacts, a set of best practices and recommendations are put forth to maximize learning and research outcomes of international research and engineering education.