East Pacific Rise geologic data synthesis

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Summary form only given. In anticipation of possible drilling at the East Pacific Rise, a compilation and synthesis of all available marine geophysical and geochemical data from 16°N to 24°S was undertaken. Included in the synthesis were Sea Beam high-resolution swath bathymetry, SeaMARC I side scan sonar, magnetics, gravity, multichannel seismic refraction, and petrological data. The Sea Beam synthesis is presented. It consists of data compiled from continuous swath mapping during 15 cruises over 4440 km of the ridge axis and flanks. The navigation-registered data from all cruises have been combined into a single digital database by interpolating onto a 200-m gridded surface using a weighted, biharmonic cubic spline-fitting technique. Maps were produced by computer contouring the gridded database and plotting on a color-filled electrostatic plotter. The synthesis of Sea Beam data has made it possible to define the morphotectonic patterns developed off-axis, providing constraints on how the template of accretion behaves with time.

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