Three dimensional continental shelf hydrodynamics model including wave current interaction

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A three dimensional circulation model, suitable for continental shelf and coastal sea regions, has been modified to consider wave current interaction in the bottom boundary layer. The wave current interaction processes are described using a simplified version of the Grant-Madsen approach. The hydrodynamic equations are solved by a weighted residual method in the vertical and by a forward in time, centered in space finite difference technique in the horizontal. The vertical variations in horizontal velocity are represented by an expansion of Legendre polynomials. A split mode computational technique is employed to minimize computational time. The model has been applied to predict the flow and surface elevation fields for tropical storm Delia (Gulf of Mexico) and compared to available field observations. Sensitivity studies to two and three dimensional representations of the vertical eddy viscosity, constant bottom friction coefficient, and wave current interaction have been performed. Results of these simulations in terms of the velocity and surface elevation fields, local force balances and velocity structure are described. © 1987, Elsevier B.V.

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Elsevier Oceanography Series