A real time environmental data monitoring, management and analysis system for the coral reefs off the coast of Belize

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In 1997 an oceanographic-meteorological monitoring, management, and analysis system was established (and upgraded in 2000) for the Smithsonian Institution's Caribbean Coral Reef Ecosystems program (CCRE) in Belize. The system, the first successful environmental monitoring system in coastal Belize, operates from the CCRE marine field station on Carrie Bow Cay. Many factors including operational environment, remote location, data accessibility, power restrictions, requirements for unattended operation and available communications for data transfer influenced system engineering design criteria. These considerations are discussed and supporting data and illustrations, demonstrating the reliability of the monitoring station and its importance to the research efforts of CCRE scientists, are provided. Descriptions of the various components that make up the system including an Internet data management and communication system, a data analysis and presentation system with embedded geographic information system, and a commercial environmental data acquisition system and sensors are provided.

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Oceans Conference Record (IEEE)