General Boundary Identification Through Surface Pressure Measurements on a 2-D Foil

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Digital twins can be used as model representations of physical systems given adequate information about the physics through environmental measurements. For moving bodies in the presence of boundaries, knowledge of the local boundary conditions is necessary to develop a model that can be used in a control system or decision making process. This paper presents a method using a viscous numerical simulation as a model combined with pressure measurements on the surface of a foil in order to estimate general wall boundary conditions in the vicinity of the foil. The method uses an Unscented Kalman Filter and presents a weighted estimate approach that outperforms the standard Unscented Filter for estimation of wall shape. B-splines are used to generalize the shape of the wall. The algorithm is demonstrated to be capable of identifying an individual wall protrusion and multiple wall protrusions in order to update the wall boundary conditions for a real time numerical simulation.

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Notes on Numerical Fluid Mechanics and Multidisciplinary Design