Estimating frequency response functions by pole-residue operations

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This article presents a new approach for estimating frequency response functions (FRFs) of linear multiple-degree-of-freedom (MDOF) systems by pole-residue operations. In this new approach, the poles and residues associated with the input and output signals are extracted by using the multi-signal Prony-ss method, which is an extension and improvement of the classical Prony's method. In turn, the system poles are simply the output poles minus the input poles. The remaining work is to compute each corresponding system residue, which is obtained by dividing the output residue at the system pole location with a quantity computed from the input function at the system pole location in the Laplace domain. The numerical examples in this paper estimate the electrical impedance function-which is a FRF between voltage and current-of a piezoelectric tube transducer. Both finite element model simulations and lab experiments are conducted in this paper to verify the effectiveness of the newly developed pole-residue method.

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IOMAC 2017 - 7th International Operational Modal Analysis Conference

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