Vibration analysis of monopiled offshore wind turbines with uncertain modal damping

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Conference Proceeding

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In the optimal design of a monopiled offshore wind turbine (OWT), it is crucial to have a good estimate for the modal damping of the OWT. However, several methods available on estimating modal damping have yielded inconsistent estimates. Thus, it is logical to treat the modal damping as a random variable in the realizability design of a monopiled OWT. Modeling a monopiled OWT as a SDOF system subjected to irregular wind and wave loadings, this study develops an efficient method to compute the probabilistic moments of the tower top response of the OWT when its damping is treated as a random variable. Specifically, an explicit closed-form solution, in terms of poles and residues, for the stochastic tower top response is derived. The correctness of the proposed method is verified by Monte Carlo simulations. Furthermore, this article also carries out a sensitivity study on the relationship between the uncertain damping and the resulting uncertain tower top response.

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Proceedings of the International Offshore and Polar Engineering Conference



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