Numerical modeling of extreme wave slamming on cylindrical offshore support structures

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Conference Proceeding

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In this paper, we study the impact on cylindrical piles of extreme waves (freak waves), generated by directional wave focusing. Waves are numerically modeled based on a boundary element discretization of fully nonlinear potential flow equations with free surface evolution. Higher-order boundary elements are used for the spatial discretization, and a higher-order time integration scheme based on the Taylor series expansion is applied. We model the pressure impact of a freak wave on a cylindrical offshore support structure, as the slamming process of a wave front around a circular cross-section, by a finite volume - volume of fluid approach. Results are analyzed in detail and compared to an analytic solution and to experimental results. Finally, the full loading on a cylindrical tower structure, due to a freak wave, is determined. Copyright © 2006 by The International Society of Offshore and Polar Engineers.

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Proceedings of the International Offshore and Polar Engineering Conference