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Background: Collaborative Health Care (CHC) is a unique model in which ambulance services, home health care, hospital care and the national telephone helpline for healthcare in Sweden – Swedish health care direct (SHD1177) collaborate to provide the fastest possible health care for inhabitants living in eleven municipalities in western region of Sweden.

Aim: To explore how patients experience and perceive health care received in the CHC.

Method: Qualitative descriptive study using open-ended individual telephone interviews with fifteen community dwelling persons with experiences of care throughthe model CHC were conducted.

Results: Two main categories and six subcategories were identified. The category “Thoughts of time in regard to acute health care” include “CHC leads to shorter waiting time for health care”, “Knowledge about the staff working hours” and “To alert or not alert”. The category “Thoughts on unplanned health care from CHC” involved “Receiving health care in my home”, ”Coordination from SHD1177 surprises” and “Accessibility of health care values higher than continuity”.

Conclusion: Integrated health care models such as CHC are time saving and highly appreciated by community dwelling persons. The benefits of provision of coherent health care like in CHC, addresses the need to implement innovative integrated healthcare models in today’s health care.

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