Development of a website for wound assessment

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Introduction: The assessment and treatment of wounds are nurses’ and their teams’ responsibilities, as it is up to the nurses to outline a therapeutic plan for tissue repair. For the evaluation process, the nurse must be scientifically trained and use reliable instruments. Objective: Website development for wound assessment. Materials and Methods: This is a methodological study that developed a website to evaluate wounds based on an assessment questionnaire called Expected Results of the Evaluation of Chronic Wound Healing (RESVECH 2.0), which consists of an adapted and validated instrument. Results: The website construction followed the basic flowchart of elaboration. To use it, the professionals create their login and subsequently register their patients. Then, they answer six questionnaires that form the evaluation process according to RESVECH 2.0. The website allows nurses to monitor the patient's evolution through graphs and previous assessments that are filed in a database. For the evaluation process, the professional needs to have a technological internet-accessed device, such as a tablet or cell phone, in order to make wound care assistance more practical and efficient. Conclusion: the findings demonstrate the importance of adding technology to assistance in the treatment of wounds and may provide more qualified service and more resolutive treatment.

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Journal of Vascular Nursing