Enhancing end-of-life care with dignity: Characterizing hospice nursing in Romania

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Aims: The purpose of this research was to characterize the nursing actions practiced by Romanian nurses affiliated with Hospices of Hope that promote dignified dying and explore needs to promote a more dignified death. Methods: A survey method used the International Classification for Nursing Practice dignified dying survey. A convenience sample of 43 hospice nurses responded. Descriptive statistics, t-tests and content analysis were used to analyze the data. Results: Characteristics that promoted dignified dying included the use of a formal, iterative process of assessment, interventions that supported pain and symptom management, and spiritual comfort at the end of life. Participants described family-centered hospice care that integrated Christian orthodox tradition that transformed patients as death approached. Conclusion: Dignity for terminally ill Romanians will be enhanced as the nurses implement these interventions. Awareness of cultural and spiritual differences concerning end of life will facilitate dialogue among nurse scientists.

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International Journal of Palliative Nursing