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Nutrition and Food Sciences


Because diet quality (DQ) is associated with risk of chronic disease and is a common construct assessed in health-related research, validated tools to assess DQ are needed that have low respondent and researcher burden. Thus, content experts develop the Short Healthy Eating Index (sHEI) tool and an associated scoring system. The sHEI scoring system was then refined using a classification and regression tree (CRT) algorithm methodology with an iterative feedback process with expert review and input. The sHEI scoring system was then validated using a concurrent criterion validation process that included the sHEI DQ scores (calculated from responses from 50 participants) being compared to the participants’ Healthy Eating Index scores derived from 24 h recalls. The total HEI score from the CRT algorithm highly correlated with the 24 h recall HEI score (0.79). For individual food group items, the correlation between the CRT algorithm scoring and the 24 h recall data scoring ranged from 0.44 for refined grains to 0.64 for whole fruits. The sHEI appears to be a valid tool for estimating overall dietary quality and individual items (with correlations > 0.49) for fruits, vegetables, dairy, added sugar, sugar from sugar-sweetened beverages, and calcium.

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