Revision and Psychometric Validation of a Survey Tool to Measure Critical Nutrition Literacy in Young Adults

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Objective: To refine and psychometrically validate the Revised Critical Nutrition Literacy Tool in a young adult sample. Methods: Young adults recruited from 3 universities completed the 11-item Critical Nutrition Literacy Tool claims scale. Exploratory factor analysis, confirmatory factor analysis (CFA), and item response theory were used to validate the Critical Nutrition Literacy Tool. Omega and Cronbach α assessed reliability. Results: A total of 1,718 participants completed the survey. Results from exploratory factor analysis and CFA analyses suggested that a 2-factor, 7-item instrument showed a reasonable fit to the data based on the comparative fit index and standardized root mean residual values, χ2(13) =161.64, P < .001, comparative fit index = 0.90, root mean square error of approximation = 0.11, standardized root mean residual = 0.07. All items loaded well onto the factors from the CFA and item response theory perspectives. The full measure and both factors showed questionable (>0.60) or acceptable (>0.70) internal consistency. Conclusions and Implications: A revised 2-factor instrument capturing (factor 1) critical appraisal of media and (factor 2) evidence-based sources of nutrition information demonstrated sound psychometric characteristics. Further item testing is necessary for different populations, and item development is warranted to capture Internet/social media sources and the relationship among critical nutrition literacy, dietary behaviors, and health outcomes.

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Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior