Date of Award


Degree Type

Capstone Project

First Advisor

Bahram Nassersharif


Team 31 was tasked by the Magnetic Seal Corporation with creating a device that would separate ferrous and non ferrous metal particulates from liquid coolant produced by Blanchard and CNC machines. To accomplish this, research was done into filtration systems that currently exist on the market, a patent search was conducted, and the company was visited to inspect the machines and the waste material that they produce. After gaining knowledge on the problem at hand, as well as learning about current solutions that exist today, 90 concepts were created by the team and then grouped into 3 different categories to analyze. Initially, a portable magnetic separator with a paper filter for additional filtration was picked as the preliminary design for this project. After conversations with our sponsor, this design was altered in the Spring semester to a simpler mechanical solution, which uses a steel mesh filter to filter the material.

This mesh filter is mounted to the bottom of a steel rectangular casing which is attached to a horizontal 80/20 T-slotted bar. This bar is connected to linear sliding rails on both sides, which will attach to the waste bin where the material accumulates. These sliding rails allow the filter to be moved directly underneath the chute where material exits the machine and enter the bin. Once the filter is full with metal material, it can be slid to the edge of the bin, and rotated 180 degrees to dump the material into a container.

Many tests were conducted to determine the best mesh filter size that would allow the coolant to filter through while leaving the metal particulates on top. From the tests, a mesh size of 40 was found to yield the best results. During the final test of the finished design, it was found that using a mesh filter was a plausible solution for filtering the material, however there were some faults in our implementation of the filter which caused the design to not yield the results we were looking for. In order to fully meet the requirements set by MagSeal, several improvements can be made to this design which will be discussed in this report.


Sponsor: Magseal