Date of Award


Degree Type

Capstone Project

First Advisor

Bahram Nassersharif


This report is an in-depth analysis of Team 30’s research and progress pertaining to the assigned capstone project. The scope of the capstone project is to provide the sponsor, MAGSEAL, with a gland fixturing device that can hold at least 3 gland seals within the working confines of the facility’s CNC machine. The final iteration will utilize an aluminum base plate with retrofitted designs from Team 30 to fixture the gland seals in a simple manner without the use of electronics or pneumatics. Only simple mechanical actions from a human operator will be used to load and unload gland seals to and from this fixture plate. Throughout the course of the year, Team 30 has performed extensive research and development to formulate designs that will secure these seals to an aluminum base plate fixture. For this project to be successfully executed within the confines of a $5,000.00 budget, Team 30 decided to design a singular mock-up of the base plate to experiment with various securement designs. This aluminum base plate was fabricated from a 2” thick slab of aluminum which is easy to manipulate and test the team’s designs on. With the budget presented, Team 30 has provisions to buy the materials necessary, and ensure the ease of use for the operator as well as the successful integration of the Team’s designs into an aluminum base plate. The scope of this report is from when the project was assigned on September 17, 2018 to May 6, 2019. This project has undergone many design changes since the beginning of the year. We believe that we successfully design a product that would satisfy all of the goals presented to Team 30 by MAGSEAL. Although we successfully completed all design work, we unfortunately were not able to completely manufacture the final working product. We are confident that we have provided sufficient materials, drawings, and designs for this product to be fully recreated by MAGSEAL if they so choose.


Sponsor: Magseal

Sponsor Representatives: Denis Cotnoir, Jared Luz