Date of Award


Degree Type

Capstone Project

First Advisor

Bahram Nassersharif


The objective is to work with our sponsor Eaton in creating or improving the current carbon face seal testing equipment they already have in place. In doing so the idea is to improve the current system, make the system more efficient, and automate the test to eliminate the multiple step processes the operator has to implement. To create an automated vacuum test it is a complex task with many details to consider. Initially the main focus was on the housing fixture and the entirety of the vacuum system could be broken down into various subsystems which work together in achieving the goal of carrying out a successful test. For ease of completion the project was broken down into the air plumbing/fluids system, control system and data acquisition. Within these systems progress has been made through conducting an in depth literature and patent search, conceptual design generation and engineering analysis. Through these efforts a proof of concept prototype CAD model has been designed and verified through an in-depth analysis proving that our current design is capable of meeting all our design requirements as well as satisfying the problem definition and objectives of this project set forth by Eaton. Taking all of this research and implementing it was the final step to create our system using an app created by Python/Kivy and running it on a Raspberry Pi. Testing then pursued at Eaton’s facility and the results came back with satisfaction from Eaton.


Sponsor: Eaton