Date of Award


Degree Type

Capstone Project

First Advisor

Bahram Nassersharif


The Underwater Reactor Inspector (URI) is a tethered and radiation resistant remotely operated underwater vehicle (ROV) designated to operate within the reactor pool of the Rhode Island Nuclear Science Center (RINSC). The main purpose of the ROV is to be able to inspect the core elements of the reactor within the pool. The design process was done by brainstorming multiple different designs and optimizing them based off the ease of the design as well as the engineering process that each design featured. The final design consists of all significant aspects for the ROV to achieve its’ goal.

The URI underwent a redesign at the beginning of the year which has made the current product smaller and cheaper to make. It utilizes a periscope which in this case is an angled mirror to show a perpendicular view from the orientation of the camera. Shielded by three feet of water and more than three quarters an inch of Lead, the camera and other contents in the electronics bottle will be protected from gamma radiation ensuring that the effective dosage will not exceed the operable dosage rate of 50 Gy/hr. The ROV will receive power from the topside of the pool via tether which also is how the ROV is controlled.


Sponsor: Rhode Island Nuclear Science Center