Date of Award


Degree Type

Capstone Project

First Advisor

Bahram Nassersharif


The Automatic Pill Dispenser is a device which dispenses medications and reminds users when and which one to take, helping with medication adherence. Ideally, this machine will hold four different types of medications, which will be dispensed into a portable device, which the user can take with them throughout the day. When it is time, an integrated app will notify the user when they should take a specific pill. The main focus of work this year is to improve and refine the progress made from the previous group, while meeting the requirements of the design specifications. This year, the group is focused on making the Automatic Pill Dispenser more user friendly by creating a smart phone app which connects with the device and serves as the main operator. The portable device in which the pills are dispensed to is redesigned from the previous group, and is able to be used with the smart phone app. The device has also been made faster, which was accomplished by cutting out redundant sections and optimizing different aspects of the code, decreasing the overall dispensing time.


Sponsor: Bahram Nassersharif