Date of Award


Degree Type

Capstone Project

First Advisor

Bahram Nassersharif


The Inter-Dimensional Cables team was tasked by Raytheon to design, manufacture, and test a vibration isolation module and a strain relief jacket to use on their undersea transducer cables. The vibration isolation module must reduce the amplitude of the vibrations propagating throughout the cable and the strain relief jacket must reduce the amount of strain the cable experiences at the point of connection with the transducer by 20%.

The Inter-Dimensional Cables team researched extensively in the fields of vibration and stress and strain. Numerous patents and literature reports were found regarding these topics and concepts studied in these papers were used as a foundation of Team 15’s work. The team found that towed array systems used by naval submarines made extensive use of vibration isolation modules that used a viscous damping fluid and a damping material. 90 total concepts were generated and were rated based on their anticipated success, ease of manufacturing, and how well they would be able to meet the design specifications.

The team decided to design a vibration isolation module that would feature a Polyurethane outer casing of a circular cylindrical design. Polyurethane was used since it is a shock absorbing material in itself and is a common exterior material on underwater cables and cable components. The interior will be filled with a silicone dampening gel to provide viscous damping of the cable.

The Inter-Dimensional Cables team also created a strain relief jacket to be featured at connection point along the cable where it feeds into the transducers. This device is crucial to longevity of the cable as it help prevents wear and tear on the cable as it gets rolled up onto ships.

Engineering analysis was done on the vibration isolation module and the strain relief jacket to prove the two products would be able to meet the required design specifications. A financial analysis was also completed to ensure the team would stay within their $3000 budget.


Sponsor: Raytheon

Sponsor Supervisors: Steve Berube, Mark Gertrudes