Date of Award


Degree Type

Capstone Project

First Advisor

Bahram Nassersharif


The goal of Easily Manipulated (EM) is to design and build an apparatus to effectively and efficiently manipulate a touch roll from a cart on the ground to the mounting chucks on a J6 slitter at Toray Plastics. The current process is long and involved, something that Toray is not happy with. EM has worked with the University of Rhode Island (URI) and Toray to come up with a solution that will minimize the amount of time needed to switch out the touch rolls and will only need one operator to make the process more efficient. the design had to satisfy Toray's requirements of being lightweight, structurally sound, non-permanently a fixed to the slitter, and have the ability to be utilized at anytime. The design that EM has created complies with these parameters and also is a simply and easy to use design. The design being used combines a slide and a sleeve concept to be easily mounted to the winder arms on the J6 slitter and provides a bridge over the rotating floor to the mounting chuck. Because this design will be used while the winder arms are in an upright position, and the floor of the slitter rotates with the arms, a single operator will be able to push the touch rolls across the slides directly into the mounting chucks. The slide is fixed on the sleeve to not allow any rotation and maintain the simplicity of the project. The design has gone through multiple iterations and has continued to evolve over the past months. Right now the current build includes a wooden sleeve that has three sides that will fit snuggly around the winder arm, and a slide built out of 80/20 aluminum to demonstrate the overall strength of the design. The concept designed by EM will match the requirements set forth by Toray.


Sponsor: Toray Plastics, Inc.