Date of Award


Degree Type

Capstone Project

First Advisor

Bahram Nassersharif


The Drum Bum team was tasked with a year-long project covering design optimization and manufacturing of a barrel-handling cart. The cart is intended for Amgen, an international biomedical manufacturing company. They wish to eliminate safety and ergonomic concerns involved in their current manual manipulation of barrels, while also increasing processing efficiency. The design process started with an evaluation of the previous two years of work on this project, leading into an analysis of the problems in previous designs. The team was told to focus on three main categories: the overall design of the cart and the proper integration of all the parts, the barrel rotation system, and the user input method for manipulating the cart. Patent searches and following market research led to no viable options but gave the team ideas for optimizations, eventually leading to the generation of multiple concepts. Weight reduction and maneuverability gained the most from this brainstorming phase. The requirements provided by Amgen further helped guide the team to a final design that met all the specifications. Regular communication between the teams and sponsor ensured the project remained on track. Rigorous testing after assembly has provided the results to prove the design works and will meet all requirements.


Sponsor: Amgen