Date of Award


Degree Type

Capstone Project

First Advisor

Bahram Nassersharif


This report details the progress made in continuing the UPLOAD Amphibious Drone Capstone project. Alex Desilets has tasked the team with improving last years design and has offered support with financial and technical matters through the design process.

The UPLOAD MK. II team has been tasked with improving the design made by the original UPLOAD team from last year. The team from last year designed a UAV capable of delivering a payload over both land and sea over a range of 5 miles. The drone was to take off and land vertically but y horizontally for better efficiency. UPLOAD was able to successfully design a working control system, unfortunately it was unable to y successfully. UPLOAD MK.II will be focusing on improving last year's design using the control systems designed last year will produce a working prototype by May 2017.

120 concepts were combined and reduced into preliminary prototypes of a winglet, testing rig, and landing system. These designs were modeled through CAD and realized through rapid prototyping. Wind tunnel testing was preformed on the winglet to test for increased efficiency, and stress tests have been preformed on the testing rig and the landing gear to ensure safety.


Sponsor: University of Rhode Island