Date of Award


Degree Type

Capstone Project

First Advisor

Bahram Nassersharif


Stable Cable has been tasked by Raytheon to create a universal, modular, vibration resistant cable management system. This design report highlights the steps taken to research, conceptualize, evaluate, and construct a working version of our product. This cable management system must be seismic zone 4 compliant and provide a serviceable solution in a small footprint. To evaluate our product’s ability to perform Stable Cable completed a cost analysis, as well running various computer simulations on CAD, Computer Aided Design, models. An prototype was also assembled to provide real world vision into the size of the product and was load and vibrationally tested. The goal of product is create an easily manufactured cable management solution that can be applied to Raytheon projects in the future.

The concept prototype was created after extensive market research in the fall semester and consisted of three main parts, two vertical and one horizontal piece. Both parts attached using the Electronic Industries Alliance, EIA, standard rack specifications. The vertical pieces are an L shape with repeating slotted elliptical holes. The horizontal piece is a U-shaped bracket with repeating semi-circles holes across its face. Three-dimensional CAD models were drawn using Solidworks and tested using simulation software in Abaqus. A cost analysis was also created to find how expensive the manufacturing costs would be and still be a competitive price.


Sponsor: Raytheon