Date of Award


Degree Type

Capstone Project

First Advisor

Bahram Nassersharif


The Game of Drones team was given the task of customizing and enhancing a new toy drone for Hasbro. The team was specifically tasked with designing custom drone attachments and accessories that more completely "gamify" the drone-flying experience. The aim of the project is to create better versions of what competitors are offering and create new, original experiences that are more engaging to a small crowd.

The design process began with the purchase of four drones in the target price range of $60-$100. The drones were then tested and compared in order to choose one as a baseline for the design. The primary goal of the project was to have a new, original drone by the end of the Spring semester.

After generating various concepts, the Game of Drones team selected one main concept to move forward with for the drone design. This concept is a Nerf Rival launcher system that will be mounted on the drone. A launcher mechanism was 3D-modeled using SolidWorks and then a prototype was 3D printed and assembled. Experiments were performed on the launcher mechanism prototype to ensure that it was within the required kinetic energy limits specified by Hasbro. The Game of Drones team also tested the lift capacity of the drone in order to ensure that the drone could handle the additional weight of the selected concept. The tested lift capacity of the drone was significantly higher than the estimated weight of the Nerf Rival system, so the team concluded that the drone would be able to handle the selected concept.

The next step was to model and manufacture the different components of the blaster system and test them against test matrices. Any components that failed to pass the criteria of the test matrices were then redesigned and manufactured. After multiple redesigns and builds the Game of Drones team successfully created a working prototype. This prototype can fly and shoot Nerf Rival balls, which means the team has completed their task of creating a new, original drone experience that is more engaging to a small crowd.


Sponsor: Hasbro

Sponsor Representative: Spencer Roberts