Date of Award


Degree Type

Capstone Project

First Advisor

Bahram Nassersharif


Additive manufacturing is a relatively new and innovative manufacturing process that has been emerging in recent years. Until now this process has been almost strictly used for prototyping but through the combined e orts of the members of team 17 and their sponsors at SIMULIA it will emerge in the medical field to revolutionize the treatment of scoliosis. The overall goal of this project is to be able to take a 3D external scan of a patients body and from that design and print a fully functional customized brace. The major objectives for this are to externally scan a patient creating a 3D model of their torso, design a brace around this model that applies the proper correction as noted by the doctor, use optimization software to remove all unnecessary material thus creating a breathable and lightweight design, and finally using additive manufacturing to produce the customized brace.

While there has been some complications with the scanning portion the team has been able to work around them for now and continued onto the design portion. Using Solidworks and 3D experience on a CAD file of a human body an initial brace design was developed. This was then put into Abaqus where FEA was run on it to ensure that it would withstand typical loading scenarios. In the final design this would then be put through optimization but that step was foregone in order to prove this concept was viable. This initial design was finally scaled down and 3D printed thus proving this is a viable concept.


Spoonsor: SIMULIA

Sponsor Representatives: Subham Sett, Akshay Narasimhan