A conceptual QFD planning model

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Quality function deployment (QFD) is a structured approach to seek out customers, understand their needs, and ensure that their needs are met. QFD is probably the most important management tool developed to assure quality in new or improved products and services. As with any other tool, the quantum of benefits obtained from the use of QFD is proportional to the effectiveness of its use. To enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of QFD as a means to transfer the “voice of the customer” into design and production, a new comprehensive hierarchical framework for QFD planning process and a zero-one goal programming model for the selection of design requirements are proposed. The hierarchical framework contributes to the strategic guidance and provides clear direction for QFD teams during the construction of the house of quality. The decision model assists in determining a set of design requirements that most effectively meet customer needs subject to limited resources and other organizational restrictions. An illustrative example is also provided to demonstrate the practical usage of the design selection model.

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International Journal of Quality and Reliability Management