Mechanical and physical characterization of lightweight shotcrete used for repair

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In the present study, a low-density structural shotcrete was developed by using cenospheres, a waste material, as the fine aggregate. Cenospheres are ceramic, hollow micro-balloons produced during coal burning processes and have diameters ranging from 10-300 micrometers. The compressive, indirect tensile, flexural strengths and fracture toughness of the cenosphere-modified shotcrete were determined in accordance with ASTM standards. Water absorption, freezing and thawing, deicing salt resistance, and chloride permeability were tested in accordance with ASTM standards. Lastly, the cenosphere-modified shotcrete was applied to existing concrete in order to evaluate the capacity of shotcrete as an adequate method of rehabilitation.

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Proceedings of the 2006 SEM Annual Conference and Exposition on Experimental and Applied Mechanics 2006



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