Dynamic crack initiation and propagation in nanocomposite materials

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A comprehensive series of experiments is conducted to study dynamic crack initiation and propagation in nanocomposite materials. The nanocomposites are fabricated using ultrasonics with an in-situ polymerization technique to produce materials with excellent particle dispersion, as verified by transmission electron microscopy and scanning electron microscopy. Dynamic fracture toughness testing is carried out on three-point bend nanocomposite specimens using a modified split-Hopkinson pressure bar, and the results are compared to those of the matrix materials. Dynamic photoelasticity coupled with high speed photography has also been used to obtain crack tip velocities and dynamic stress fields around the propagating cracks. A relationship between the dynamic stress intensity factor, KD, and the crack tip velocity, á, is established. © 2006 Advanced Study Center Co. Ltd.

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Reviews on Advanced Materials Science





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