Component and combined response of sandwich composites subjected to blast loadings

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Sandwich composite materials have been extensively utilized in lightweight structures for their excellent energy absorption characteristics. The overall behavior of a sandwich composite material to applied loading is dependent on the constitution and construction of the skin and core materials. Studies on bulk response of sandwich composite materials are available in literature and various researchers have presented the overall benefits of sandwich construction in several structural applications. The present research focuses on bringing out the contribution of individual elements of a sandwich composite material - namely, the composite skins and the foam core, in overall response of the sandwich composite to blast loading conditions. Two different skin materials, namely, E-glass Vinyl Ester and Carbon Fiber Vinyl Ester composites and two different core materials, namely, Balsa wood and PVC foam core were studied under controlled blast loading conditions. Rectangular plate elements of these skin and core materials were subjected to controlled blast-loading conditions in a shock tube. The deformation response of the composite plate's core and sandwich composites made of combinations of these materials to the applied blast loading were recorded real time using an ultra high speed digital camera (IMACON 200). Damage modes and failure behavior of the individual elements and the sandwich construction were analyzed using macroscopic and microscopic optical measurements. The real time deflection, combined with the damage behavior provided an understanding into the blast resistance of these components and thus could facilitate better design and construction principles for sandwich composite materials.

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Proceedings of the SEM Annual Conference and Exposition on Experimental and Applied Mechanics 2007



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