Experimental study on the performance of sandwich composites with stepwise graded cores subjected to a shock wave loading

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Sandwich panels with two types of stepwise graded Corecell™ A series foam cores were studied experimentally under shock wave loading. These panels have identical core materials and the core layers were arranged according to the density of the respected foam; configuration 1 consisted of low / middle / high density foams and configuration 2 consisted of middle / low / high density foams. The methods to calculate the energies contained in the incident and reflected shock waves, as well as the energy deformed the specimen, were described based on the experimental data. The experimental results showed that configuration 1, which has a continuing core density change, outperformed configuration 2, which has discontinuous core density change, in regards to their blast resistance. The Rankine-Hugoniot analysis showed that the first core layer (middle density) of configuration 2 was in tension under the initial shock wave propagation, while all of the layers in configuration 1 were in compression. The estimated energies were then calculated for both configurations. The total energy lost between incident and reflected shock wave and the deflected energies for two configurations are almost identical. ©2009 Society for Experimental Mechanics Inc.

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Society for Experimental Mechanics - SEM Annual Conference and Exposition on Experimental and Applied Mechanics 2009



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