Performance of 3-D woven composites under shock loading

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The effects of highly transient shock loading on 3WEAVE™ composite material plates and sandwiches made with 3WEAVE™ composite skins and TRYMER™ 200L polyisocyanurate foam core have been studied experimentally. Some of the experimental work was supported by 3-D dynamic analysis. The experimental program is focused on recording dynamic transient response by high-speed camera and post-mortem evaluation of imparted damage. Some experiments also utilized strain gages and included residual deflection measurements. The obtained experimental results reveal important features of the transient deformation, damage initiation and progression and final failure modes in composite plates and sandwich panels with unstitched and stitched foam cores. The theoretical work demonstrates 3-D dynamic analysis of displacement, stress and strain fields in composite plates exposed to blast loading, using 3-D MOSAIC analysis tools. A comparison of experimental and theoretical strain histories at selected location of composite plate exposed to blast loading shows their excellent agreement.

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ICCM International Conferences on Composite Materials

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