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Mechanical, Industrial and Systems Engineering


Insulated faux brick (IFB) is an improvement on traditional faux brick that aims to further reduce weight and installation time while providing insulation characteristics beyond traditional brick. Current production of insulated faux corner bricks relies on human workers to apply adhesive and press together two end pieces until the adhesive has dried. This is a time-consuming step which is not easily scalable to higher production rates. This research explored potential automated solutions to meet the ever-increasing demand. Specifically, the concept discussed in this paper uses a modular array of joining units that can be repeated to achieve the desired scale of production. This concept was verified through the construction of a beta prototype containing two joining units and a low-cost glue dispensing system to service both units. The prototype was operated continuously with an average throughput greater than two bricks per minute and with similar quality to the manual process. Based on a critical path analysis, a production system with eight joining units based on the same modular architecture has the potential for a threefold increase in production rate per worker.

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International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology