Compressible fluid flow in micron sized channels

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Conference Proceeding

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One-dimensional compressible flow models for isothermal and adiabatic flow in microchannels are developed and verified by comparison with a two-dimensional approximate model and available experimental results. The one-dimensional model was found to predict the mass flow rate of helium flow through a duct measuring 1.33μm by 52.25μm by 7500μm to within 1% of those predicted by the two-dimensional model for specified inlet and outlet conditions. The results are also in good agreement with the experimental mass flow measurements. In addition, the important quantities in microflow analysis, i.e., Reynolds, Mach, and Knudsen numbers, as well as the channel hydraulic diameter, are analyzed via a parametric study. Finally, the effect of rarefaction on drag coefficient is compared with the experimental results. The comparison showed a decrease in drag coefficient for low Reynolds number flows in microchannels.

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American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Heat Transfer Division, (Publication) HTD



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