Orientation and stacking of parts based on internal features

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Conference Proceeding

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Orientation and stacking of parts has been mostly based on their external features. There are a number of parts which need to be oriented and stacked based on internal features, either because internal features are of primary importance or because of lack of appropriate external features. Issues concerning the orientation and stacking of parts based on their internal features are investigated and two-dimensional axi-symmetrical parts have been classified into groups based on both internal and external features. Fundamental methodologies have been developed for orienting and stacking of parts based on internal features and experimental verification has been performed for many cases. Results indicate that parts can be oriented efficiently and at high speeds. In addition, it can be concluded from these experiments that in many cases, the widely accepted rule that orientational position of parts should be preserved does not necessarily hold.

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Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering



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