Multidimensional damage identification based on phase space warping: An experimental study

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A multidimensional damage identification scheme developed in previous work is modified and investigated experimentally. An experimental apparatus consists of a driven two-well magneto-elastic oscillator, where a cantilever beam vibrates in a magnetic potential field perturbed by two electromagnets. These electromagnets are activated by a computer controlled power supply and their terminal voltages are considered a two-dimensional damage variable. The effect of total change in the supply voltage of the electromagnets is approximately 4% shift in the experimentally measured natural frequencies of small oscillations in each well of the potential. Experimental runs are started in a nominally chaotic regime. The battery voltages are altered on specific trajectories in the damage (voltage) phase space. Damage identification is accomplished based on the elastic vibration data collected using laser vibrometers and a accelerometer. The phase space warping based damage tracking feature vectors are estimated using a new phase space partitioning scheme. The damage identification is achieved by applying smooth orthogonal decomposition to the obtained statistics. The effect of the data record size on the quality of reconstructed damage trajectory is investigated in a series of experiments. It is also demonstrated that the new partitioning scheme considerably improves signal-to-noise ration of the identified damage states. © Springer 2006.

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Nonlinear Dynamics