Adaptive robust trajectory tracking control of fully actuated bipedal robotic walking

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Conference Proceeding

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Uncertainties are prevalent in real-world applications of bipedal walking robots, which may deteriorate the robot's locomotion performance and even cause instability. However, designing controllers to address uncertainties for bipedal robotic walking is challenging mainly due to the high complexity of the hybrid walking dynamics under uncertainties. In this paper, an adaptive robust control strategy is proposed by combining control Lyapunov functions and the construction of multiple Lyapunov functions for provably guaranteeing the stability and trajectory tracking performance of fully actuated bipedal robots in the presence of uncertainties such as modeling errors and unmodeled disturbances. Simulation results on a three-dimensional bipedal robot with nine revolute joints were conducted to illustrate that the proposed adaptive robust control law can ensure stability and satisfactory tracking performance in the presence of parametric modeling uncertainties and unmodeled nonlinearities.

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IEEE/ASME International Conference on Advanced Intelligent Mechatronics, AIM