Quadratic realizability of palindromic matrix polynomials

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Let L=(L 1 ,L 2 ) be a list consisting of a sublist L 1 of powers of irreducible (monic) scalar polynomials over an algebraically closed field F, and a sublist L 2 of nonnegative integers. For an arbitrary such list L, we give easily verifiable necessary and sufficient conditions for L to be the list of elementary divisors and minimal indices of some T-palindromic quadratic matrix polynomial with entries in the field F. For L satisfying these conditions, we show how to explicitly construct a T-palindromic quadratic matrix polynomial having L as its structural data; that is, we provide a T-palindromic quadratic realization of L. Our construction of T-palindromic realizations is accomplished by taking a direct sum of low bandwidth T-palindromic blocks, closely resembling the Kronecker canonical form of matrix pencils. An immediate consequence of our in-depth study of the structure of T-palindromic quadratic polynomials is that all even grade T-palindromic matrix polynomials have a T-palindromic strong quadratification. Finally, using a particular Möbius transformation, we show how all of our results can be easily extended to quadratic matrix polynomials with T-even structure.

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Linear Algebra and Its Applications