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Master of Arts in Marine Affairs


A discussion of tanker ship development from the World War II T-2 to the million ton "Delta Ship" concept and an analysis of present and proposed Rules of the Road as they apply to VLCCs.The advantages of size, design characteristics, crew size and automation, propulsion systems and shiphandling characteristics are discussed in general comparitive terms. Projections show tremendous increase not only in the size of tank ships, but also in the size of the world's tanker fleet - approaching 5,000 vessels in the next ten years or so. The increasing size of crude oil carriers and their immense pollution potential has prompted special accomodation in the Rules of the Road in order to reduce the risk of collision. The 1972 IMCO revision to the Rules of the Road incorporated VLCC definition and accorded these vessels privilege in specific terms. Aspects of these new Rules are discussed and some of the weaknesses are pointed out.