Analysis of the Commercial Fishery of the Central Philippine Province of Marinduque

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Master of Arts in Marine Affairs


This study provides an assessment of the commercial fishery of the central Philippine province of Marinduque. No previous fisheries studies have been done in this province despite concerns of overexploitation and simultaneous fishery development efforts. The commercial fishery was chosen for investigation because it is the only sector with available time-series data on catch, effort and income. Pelagic fish stocks appear to be under heavy exploitation. Catch per unit effort has declined as effort and efficiency increased between 1970-1985. The average size of the dominant species in the catch indicated that most were juveniles. The annual average income of the fishermen is well below the poverty line and has been shrinking during the period of study. The daily share of fish that crew members are allowed to keep is a significant component of their total income. Despite considerable financial and technical inputs to the fishery, few if any of the development objectives have been achieved.

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