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Master of Arts in Marine Affairs


Harbor management planning is a relatively new concept in this country. What is believed to be the first municipal level harbor management plan (HMP) in the United States originated from a need to resolve a problem of encroachments on a Federal navigation channel in Connecticut. This method of harbor planning was soon recognized as an effective management tool and was used as a model for other coastal communities in the Northeast. While early HMPs primarily focused on mooring management, today's plans address many more harbor issues. The Coastal Zone Management Act was intended to form a national coastal zone management program in which the States would play the central management role by developing their own coastal management plans subject to Federal approval. The specific needs this paper focuses on are the management needs of coastal recreational harbors particularly as related to hurricane hazards. A logical method to improved hazard mitigation on the local level is to integrate hazard mitigation into a municipality's comprehensive harbor management plan (HMP).