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Master of Arts in Marine Affairs


Having successfully initiated and developed the legal aspects of the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) the challenge which now arises for the developing coastal nations is to implement an ocean management system to more fully realize the potential benefits of extended jurisdiction. This study discusses the needs and problems developing nations may encounter in developing such a management system and also considers the ways and means to meet these needs and overcome these problems. The study suggests that coastal nations should adopt an integrated three phased ocean policy process consisting of a (1) priority establishment phase (policy formulation) (2) strategic phase (planning) and (3) tactical phase (management). The study further discusses the institutional problems which will accompany a nation ocean management effort. Because governmental institutions are arranged according to the major economic and social sectors and because ocean uses cross all sectoral boundaries the administration of the EEZ as a unit does not conform well to any individual sector. Thus the idea of comprehensive and integrated institutions for national ocean management is also explored. The institutional problem is highlighted by several case study examples.