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Master of Arts in Marine Affairs


The impact of the Capital Construction Fund, a tax deferral program utilized for the construction of fishing vessels, is examined in the context of Rhode Island's fishing industry. It was believed that the Capital Construction Fund contributed to overcapitalization, was an incentive to purchase a vessel, and was mainly used by individuals targeting underutilized species. Indicators of capitalization such as number, size, and ages of vessels owned were gathered from the owners of vessels home-ported in Rhode Island during personal interviews. Response of those that have used the Program were separated from those who have not. A frequency analysis was utilized to determine if there were differences between the two groups regarding indicators of capitalization. Few major differences were found between the two groups. Thus, it was determined that the Capital Construction Fund does not contribute to overcapitalization, is not an incentive to purchase a new vessel, nor is it used predominantly by vessels that target underutilized species, in the Rhode Island fishing industry.