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Master of Arts in Marine Affairs


The demand for good public information is a need which many environmental groups are now attempting to fill. Programs are generally designed around a particular environmental issue. One such effort is the Boston Harbor "Sewer Tour" Program run by 'Save the Harbor/Save the Bay' in Boston, Massachusetts. The Sewer Tour Program addresses matters of water pollution control in the Metropolitan Boston area. The present study examines the impact of the Sewer Tour Program on participants and spillover effects on their communities. A mailed survey is used to collect the data. A framework for data analysis is drawn from psychological research in the areas of belief, attitude, intention, and behavior. The study concludes that, while the Sewer Tour Program has multiple impacts on participants, spillover effects on their communities are more limited. The program and others of its kind are probably most constructive when operated for a small group of community leaders who indicate a high level of commitment to water conservation and pollution reduction activities.