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Master of Arts in Marine Affairs


This thesis presents an examination of the fish auction system in the Azores and three New England ports; Boston, New Bedford and Portland. On the island of Sao Miguel, the village of Rabo de Peixe was selected as a case study where a survey of local fishermen and dealers was conducted. Data obtained through interviews provided some insights into the socio-economic status of local fishermen and how they perceive infrastructure improvements, government support and changes in the auction system. Most importantly, an attempt is made in this study to compare the organizational and administrative aspects of U.S. auction systems in order to identify those aspects that can be transferred to improve the fish marketing system in the Azores. The author feels that the suggestions made are realistic and technically feasible and, if implemented, will upgrade the efficiency and organization of the local auction system in the islands. It is further assumed that technology transfer between the democratic government of the United States and the social democratic regime of Portugal do not present any inherent problems.