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Master of Arts in Marine Affairs


This study examines the present status of the maritime boundaries of India in the context of applicable international laws related to boundary definition. As a developing nation with a long coastline and large Exclusive Economic Zone, it is important for India to define its boundary limits for better utilization and management of its marine resources. India has maritime boundaries with seven different nations; the geographical setting, political relationships and economic importances are different in each case, making each situation unique. Since appreciation of factors such as geographical, geophysical, resource potentials, etc. can help to realize the shape of the present maritime affairs of a country, the first section reviews the relevant geographic setting, resources and the maritime jurisdiction of India. The second section deals with the international laws and regulations in the context of boundary delimitation. The third section discusses the boundary agreements that are already negotiated between India and its neighbors. The fourth section addresses the issues relating to the other yet-to-be negotiated boundary situations. The final section summarizes the findings of the study.