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John Russell Bartlett (1805-1886) was Rhode Island’s Secretary of State from 1855 to 1872. During his tenure as secretary of state he wrote and published a number of books and articles on the history of the state.

This document contains five newspaper articles that were published in the Manufacturers and Farmers Journal between October and December 1856. These articles were the first attempt to relate the history of Rhode Island’s lotteries and came only in the decade following the last lottery held in the state up to that time.

This document also includes an introduction by Russell J. DeSimone.

Figure#1.JPG (374 kB)
19th century broadside -- Rhode Island Literature Lottery, 1831

Figure#2.jpg (13 kB)
18th century lottery ticket -- For the paving of streets in Newport, 1752

Figure#3.jpg (26 kB)
19th century lottery ticket -- The Grand State Lottery for a free bridge over the Blackstone River, 1826

Figure#4.jpg (21 kB)
Newspaper Advertisement -- Walker's Truly Lucky Office, Woonsocket Patriot, March 25, 1836

Figure#5.jpg (24 kB)
Receipt for the sale of a lottery ticket -- Scituate and Foster lottery Academy, 1818

Figure#6.jpg (39 kB)
Request for a lottery license by Thomas Doyle, 1836

Figure#7.jpg (59 kB)
Uncut sheet of lottery tickets -- Smithfield Meeting-House lottery, 1807

Figure#8.jpg (32 kB)
Anti-lottery pamphlet by Thomas Doyle, 1841

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Date: 1856 Coverage: 1750-1856 Identifier: HG6133 R4 B378 2003 Publisher: University Library, University of Rhode Island Relation [is format of]: Booklet published as part of "Rhode Island Lotteries -- Three Centuries of History," an exhibition held at the University Library, University of Rhode Island in April 2003.