Experimenting and Implementing Evidence-Based Selection Options for eBook Investments

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Charleston Conference Webinar Series

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Link to a Charleston Hub webinar recording.


"The last 3 years have brought several changes to library collection strategies.Learn how user demand options, including evidence-based selection are gaining interest across institutions. Understand how libraries have been experimenting with and implementing access models to improve how they select collections to meet the needs of end users. Evidenced-Based Selection (EBS) is an eBook collection model that puts the control in the hands of the users and allows the library to make strategic decisions based on overall unrestricted, 12-month usage. During this panel discussion, eBook experts and librarians will share insights on how these options fit into library requirements. These experts will provide their perspective on how library decisions have evolved since the pandemic and how EBS has enabled greater flexibility in content decision making."

A video of the webinar panel is available online at https://www.charleston-hub.com/media/video/webinars/experimenting-and-implementing-evidence-based-selection-options-for-ebook-investments/ and https://youtu.be/FBRQgsyNrrE.