KBART Unresolved Questions

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NISO Update

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NISO Plus 2021

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Presentation, "KBART Unresolved Questions", presented at the NISO Plus 2021, Global Conversations, Global Connections conference on February 23, 2021. The conference was held online due to COVID-19.


This session was part of the NISO Update:

"NISO projects are numerous, diverse in output, coverage, and participation, and ACTIVE! This session will support presentations from a small selection of current efforts, all at different stages of their lifecycles. Following project presentations, we will move into breakout rooms for more direct project Q&A and discussions."

Speakers: Stephanie Doellinger, Robert Heaton, Noah Levin, Andrée Rathemacher


The KBART presentation included an introduction with presentation slides and a breakout discussion using an interactive board on the EasyRetro.io platform. The main session had approximately 140 attendees, and the KBART breakout room had about 33.

The link leads to session description at Sched website at https://sched.co/gKIA.

A recording of the presentation is available here: https://nisoplus2021.cadmore.media/session/47?passcode=gKIA

Additional files include a PDF of presentation slides, the EasyRetro board in multiple formats, screenshots of posts on https://discourse.niso.org/ and Twitter related to the session, and a PDF printout of the entire NISO Plus 2021 conference program schedule.

02-23-21 NISO+ KBART Unresolved Questions slides.pdf (735 kB)
PDF of presentation slides

Easy Retro Screen Shot 2021-02-26 at 1.24.21 PM.png (1401 kB)
Screenshot of EasyRetro board

2021-02-26 EasyRetro Board - NISO Plus - KBART.png (1319 kB)
PNG of EasyRetro board

2021-02-26 EasyRetro Board - NISO Plus - KBART.pdf (12 kB)
PDF of EasyRetro board

2021-02-26 EasyRetro Board - NISO Plus - KBART.csv (4 kB)
CSV of EasyRetro board

2021-02-26 EasyRetro Board - NISO Plus - KBART.xlsx (21 kB)
XLSX of EasyRetro board

Discourse screen - NISO Update - 2021-02-26 at 1.20.09 PM.png (528 kB)
Screenshot of discourse.niso.org for session

NISOPlus21_KBART_unresolved_tweets.png (567 kB)
Screenshot of Twitter mentions of KBART session

NISO Plus 2021 Conference Schedule.pdf (190 kB)
PDF of NISO Plus 2021 schedule