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Rhode Island Library Association Annual Conference 2019, Get Informed!

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Slides from a presentation, "Reuse, Remix, and Create with Creative Commons Licenses," presented at the Rhode Island Library Association Annual Conference 2019, Get Informed!, on May 23, 2019 in North Smithfield, Rhode Island.

An openly-shared Google Slides version of this presentation is also available at



What are Creative Commons (CC) licenses and how do they work? What is the difference between something that is free online and something that is truly “open”? Did you know that it is often a Creative Commons license that puts the “open” in Open Access scholarship and Open Educational Resources? As librarians, we want to be able to help our users find and reuse open resources, and we often want to share our own work more openly than the default “all rights reserved” of copyright. In this session, you will learn about Creative Commons, including the four CC license elements, the six CC licenses, and CC0 — Creative Commons’ public domain dedication tool. We will cover how to apply a CC license to your own work, how to search for openly-licensed works online, and how to reuse, remix, and properly attribute CC-licensed works created by others. Whether you are new to CC licenses or you already have some familiarity with them, you will come away from this session with an expanded understanding of Creative Commons.

Andrée Rathemacher, Professor Librarian, University Libraries, University of Rhode Island


Additional files include a version of the slides with speaker's notes; the conference program, the presentation proposal as submitted; and the proposal acceptance email.

RILA - Reuse Remix and Create with CC Licenses-Slides_with_notes.pdf (4018 kB)
Slides with speaker's notes (PDF)

RILA_2019_Conference_Program.pdf (1151 kB)
RILA 2019 Conference Program

2019-01-10_RILA_2019_Creative_Commons_proposal.pdf (51 kB)
Presentation proposal as submitted

2019-03-15_RILA_Conference_Proposal_Acceptance.pdf (98 kB)
Proposal acceptance email