The smallest academic libraries in the United States and electronic technology

Joanna M. Burkhardt, University of Rhode Island

Document Type Article


In this study, the directors of the smallest academic libraries in the United States (monographic collections of fewer than 30,001 volumes) were surveyed to determine the types and extent of electronic technology available in these small libraries and how that technology was being used. The survey was also designed to gain some insight into the satisfaction of both users and library staff with the electronic technology offered. The results of the study indicate that most of the smallest academic libraries are providing electronic technology in a variety of formats. Both users and staff find the electronic technology useful and, in some cases, time saving. Correlation analysis indicates that instruction is positively linked to both the amount of use given to electronic technology and the satisfaction with the results of that use. Most of the library directors surveyed indicated that they plan to expand their offerings in this area in the near future.